Take the Meningitis Quiz

Infectious meningitis is an infection of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi cause meningitis. Bacterial and fungal meningitis can be life-threatening. Viral meningitis seldom is. Learn more about bacterial meningitis through this quiz.

1. Bacterial meningitis is caused by only one kind of bacteria.
2. Symptoms of bacterial meningitis can develop quickly.
3. A person with symptoms or signs of bacterial meningitis should seek emergency medical treatment right away.
4. Some types of bacterial meningitis can be prevented.
5. College campuses are areas where bacterial meningitis can spread quickly.
6. Older adults are more susceptible to pneumococcal diseases, including meningitis and pneumonia.
7. Most people who are diagnosed early with bacterial meningitis and treated promptly will recover fully.
8. A healthcare provider confirms a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis with a spinal tap.
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