Health Highlights: Sept. 27, 2021

Had COVID before and think you're immune? Think again: Not all infections are created equal, with antibody responses varying wildly, experts say. Read more

Retirees who cruise the internet stay sharp: Those who logged on more often posted substantially higher scores on thinking tests. Why is the million-dollar question. Read more

Mask mandates in schools stops COVID's spread: Two CDC reports found there were fewer outbreaks in schools that required masks.Read more

Depression during pregnancy may set offspring up for mood disorder: Of more than 5,000 kids that researchers followed until age 24, those whose moms had depression during or right after pregnancy tended to report more depression symptoms themselves in adulthood. Read more

For boys, sports are key to happiness: Those who hit the playing field are less apt to be anxious or depressed later in childhood and more likely to be active in their early teens, a new study finds. Read more

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