Health Highlights, Nov. 12, 2021

Mouse study offers hope for breakthrough against spinal cord damage. A new injectable 'nanofiber' therapy that restored motion in laboratory mice might pave the way for healing paralyzed people, researchers say.Read more

Exercise can help ease shoulder pain after breast cancer surgery. Arm and shoulder pain are common for women after breast cancer surgery, but a post-op exercise program can help ease the discomfort, new research suggests. Read more

Adult 'picky eaters' on what parents did right and wrong. Rather than forcing a child to eat foods they don't like, parents will probably make more headway by embracing a non-confrontational approach at mealtime, research shows. Read more

Accurate results when parents conduct nasal-swab COVID tests for kids. Parent-collected nasal swab samples from children are as good at detecting respiratory infections as those taken by nurses, but that's not the case with saliva samples, British researchers report. Read more

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