Health Highlights, Nov. 16, 2021

A woman has rid herself naturally of HIV -- but how? Researchers say there's a second HIV-positive person whose body might have naturally cleared the infection -- sparking hope that studying such exceedingly rare events will help lead to a cure. Read more

Breast cancer diagnosis raises odds for a-fib. Women who develop the dangerous irregular heart beat within a month of learning they have breast cancer are also more likely to die from heart-related problems within a year, a new study finds.Read more

Pot use in pregnancy may harm the fetus. Although many pregnant women are using marijuana to quell morning sickness, a new study finds it could tweak fetal genetics and raise the risk of stress and anxiety for children. Read more

A better blood thinner might be near. An experimental anti-clotting pill called milvexian has been found to be effective in patients who had knee replacement surgery -- without adding any excess risk for bleeding. Read more

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