Health Highlights: Dec. 20, 2021

Moderna says booster shot can combat infection with Omicron variant. As the variant surges worldwide, the company released data showing that its half-dose booster shot increased antibody levels by roughly 37-fold, and a full dose of 100 micrograms was even more powerful. Read more

Biden to address nation on COVID-19 on Tuesday. Ahead of another holiday shadowed by COVID-19, the President is expected to urge all eligible Americans to get a booster shot to better protect themselves against the Omicron variant. Read more

Americans turning to trendy diets to shed pandemic pounds. A new Harris Poll/HealthDay survey finds many American adults concerned about weight put on during the COVID crisis, with nearly two thirds of adults ages 18 to 44 vowing to diet in 2022 to shed extra pounds. Read more

Many cancer patients are taking supplements. Many may also believe that the over-the-counter remedies will help keep malignancies at bay, but there's no evidence to support that notion, researchers say.Read more

More women are using cannabis products during pregnancy. Many consume marijuana to help ease morning sickness, new research finds, even though major medical groups advise against using cannabis for any reason during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Read more

French bulldogs highly inbred and prone to health issues. The wildly popular pooches have significantly higher odds than other dog breeds of being diagnosed with 20 common canine disorders and illnesses, a new study shows. Read more

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