Health Highlights: April 19, 2022

Florida judge strikes down federal mask mandate on planes: Hours after the ruling that the the CDC overstepped its authority with the mandate, major airlines announced they no longer required masks on domestic flights.Read more

Men with heart disease can safely mix their nitrate pills with ED drugs: Despite longstanding concerns that taking both might trigger dangerous drops in blood pressure, a new study indicates there might be little to no potential risk in co-prescribing the medications. Read more

Some pot edibles mimic candy, raising dangers for kids: Researchers looked at the packaging of more than 200 types of edible marijuana products and found that nearly 1 in 10 resembled commercial snack foods, including candies and chips.Read more

Cases of coronavirus moving from mink to people confirmed by CDC: At least four people in Michigan infected with a version of the coronavirus found mostly in mink are the first known cases of possible animal-to-human transmission of the virus in the United States. Read more

Sex hormone deficiencies may raise risk of rotator cuff tears: Among women with low levels of estrogen, the odds of a rotator cuff tear were 48% higher. Among men, the odds of a rotator cuff tear were 89% higher among those with low levels of testosterone. Read more

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