Health Highlights: May 6, 2022

Smoking plus vaping no healthier than smoking on its own. In a new study, mixing smoking and e-cigarettes didn't reduce the risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke or any cardiovascular disease.Read more

Obesity might blunt effect of COVID vaccine. Antibody levels among those who were severely obese were more than three times lower than those of normal weight, a new study revealed. Read more

Baby formula shortage worsens. Supply chain issues mean that about 40% of the top-selling baby formula products were out of stock in the United States during the week ending April 24. Read more

Did animal virus play role in death of man who received pig's heart in transplant? Fifty-seven-year-old David Bennett Sr. died in March in Maryland, two months after the groundbreaking experimental transplant. It's not clear whether the germ, called porcine cytomegalovirus, was causing an active infection, doctors said. Read more

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