Health Highlights: Oct. 13, 2022​

Lifetime of stress tied to big rise in cancer risk. That's due to what researchers called "allostatic load" -- a measure of cumulative stress, or wear and tear on the body. Read more

Study casts doubt on Mediterranean diet's benefit to brain. A new Swedish study found no real effect on dementia risk for those on the heart-healthy diet -- although some experts begged to differ. Read more

Even before Uvalde, gun deaths were rising among Texan kids. New research shows a steady rise in these tragedies in the state since 2013. Read more

Almost half of people with long COVID are having symptoms many months later. A study out of Scotland found that about one of every 20 people had not recovered from their infection a year and a half later. Read more

CVS to drop prices on menstrual products in many states that tax them. The high cost of menstrual products can be tough on low-income women, advocates lobbying for such price cuts say. Read more

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