Health Highlights: Oct. 19, 2022​

It doesn't take much weight gain to raise your odds for knee trouble. A gain of just 11 pounds increases a woman’s odds of needing a knee replacement by one-third and a man’s by one-quarter, new research finds. Read more

Good sleep could keep illness at bay as you age. Failing to get a good night's sleep brings a higher risk for developing not one but two serious chronic illnesses at the same time, researchers found. Read more

Black babies born through fertility treatments have worse survival than whites. The risk was also elevated, though to a lesser degree, among such babies born to Hispanic and Asian women, a new study found. Read more

Common a-fib treatment may be riskier for women. Ablation therapy uses burning or freezing technology to inhibit the electrical signals triggering a-fib in pulmonary veins. But female patients had a higher odds for complications, research showed. Read more

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