Health Highlights: Oct. 24, 2022​

As young doctors' work hours rise, so do their odds for depression. Researchers found that among more than 17,000 first-year residents across the United States, average scores on a depression scale rose hand-in-hand with the number of hours worked each week. Read more

Child danger: Almost half of parents keep leftover meds at home. Getting into medicines at home is a major source of accidental poisonings for young children, experts warn. Read more

Pfizer will price COVID vaccine at $110-$130. The federal government will stop paying for the shot next spring. Pfizer issued a statement on expected pricing, but the company believes many Americans covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance will still get the vaccine for free. Read more

U.S. child hunger spiked in weeks after child tax credit repealed. After the payments stopped on Jan. 15, many low-income American families with children had trouble getting enough to eat, a new study found. Read more

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