Health Highlights: Nov. 11, 2022​

Three-fifths of world's people may have been exposed to COVID virus. Many more people have been infected with COVID-19 than previously known, with as many as 10.5 infections for every reported case, new research suggests. Read more

Liability fears keep some schools from stocking asthma rescue inhalers. Parents are advised to check with their child's school to see if inhalers are kept on hand, and if they aren't to lobby schools to stock them. Read more

America's ER docs warn of surge in patients due to 'tripledemic.' ERs nationwide are clogged with patients waiting for care or hospital beds, and the pileup dovetails with a wave of respiratory infections. Read more

Science reveals why eye contact is tough for people with autism. Brain scans show that folks with autism had significantly less activity in their dorsal parietal cortex during eye-to-eye contact, compared to people without the condition. Read more

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