Health Highlights: Nov. 17, 2022​

Could wireless earbuds help boost poor hearing? Apple earbuds proved their mettle for helping those with mild to moderate hearing loss in new study. Read more

Dangerous parasite that can infect people is found in U.S. foxes. The first two cases of a rare parasitic disease -- alveolar echinococcosis -- were identified in a man and woman in Vermont. It's also been found in two Vermont foxes, although fox-to-human transmission hasn't been confirmed. Read more

Vaccine against deadly fentanyl might be near. The experimental shot would block the ability of fentanyl to enter the brain and cause the "high" that users crave. Read more

FDA approves first lab-grown meat product. The agency said in a notice on Wednesday that a "cultivated chicken" product made by Upside Foods is safe to eat. Read more

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