Testicular Cancer: Symptoms

What are the symptoms of testicular cancer?

If you have testicular cancer, you may notice certain warning signs. These are called symptoms. You can also have testicular cancer without having any symptoms.

These are some of the possible symptoms of testicular cancer:

  • A lump on your testicle (the lump is often painless, but it can be uncomfortable)

  • Swelling of a testicle or a change in how it feels

  • Sudden fluid buildup in the scrotum

  • A feeling of heaviness or aching in the scrotum or lower belly (abdomen)

  • Swelling in your breasts (this is rare, but can be caused by hormone changes linked to the cancer)

  • Pain in your lower back, which can be a sign that testicular cancer may have spread to your lymph nodes

  • Shortness of breath, chest pain, or a cough, which can be signs that testicular cancer may have spread to your lungs

  • In rare cases, you may have no symptoms other than infertility—tests to find out why you are infertile may lead to finding testicular cancer

When to see your healthcare provider

Many of these symptoms are more likely caused by other health problems. But it's important to see your healthcare provider if you have these symptoms. Only a healthcare provider can tell if you have cancer.

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