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Food Allergy Quiz

Do you or anyone else in your family have a food allergy? Take this quiz and learn how to better cope with this condition.

1. Many people think they or someone in their family has a food allergy, but they likely don't.
2. Food intolerance can be more serious than a food allergy.
3. True food allergies tend to run in families with food allergies. Or they run in families with other kinds of allergies, such as hay fever or asthma.
4. Thoroughly cooking a problem food will prevent it from causing an allergic reaction.
5. An allergic reaction to food usually starts hours after eating.
6. An allergic reaction to peanuts can be serious or even fatal, but children often outgrow this allergy.
7. People who are allergic to ragweed might get an itchy mouth when eating cantaloupe, particularly during ragweed season.
8. Sometimes a case of food poisoning can be confused with a food allergy.
9. The only way to treat a food allergy is by not eating the food.
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